Spiderling Giveaway! COMP!

Haplocosmia himalayana

Guess the final amount of spiderlings produced from our last eggsac.

If you guess the correct number of slings (unique guess or first correct guess) then we will send you 3 absolutely free! We’ll cover postage, packing and the spiders themselves.

Unfortunately this competition is open to UK residents only as it’s usually quite illegal to ship to most countries outside of Europe.

There are some rules 

  1. Like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/predpreyonline/
  2.  Share the post
  3. Comment with your guestimate on the original post (so I can keep track)

You can also enter by emailing us at predatororpreyonline@outlook.com

Competition will run until the ………………. @ 8pm

I have counted them and taken a time stamped picture this afternoon ………….. – to rule out any possibility of foul play 😉