on YouTube

I’d like to start by thanking all of our new subscribers. The input to the channel has been fantastic- you’ve been posting some really uplifting messages, and I appreciate it. It’s always daunting posting a vid and waiting for that first bit of feedback but it’s your nice comments that make me eager to post the next one.

I am struggling to watch my own vids at the moment because of the poor quality of both audio and video… I know what we need to do to move forward and have some bits of equipment lined up to help – as you know, they are expensive and it will take until January of scrimping and saving to get them here. For now, I’ll make do with what I have – I just hope you guys can put up with it until then.

I plan to upload at least once a week (on a Friday) but recently due to being off work I have uploaded two or three times a week – I’ll just do it when I can. I’d like you all to know that I am now really concentrating on this channel, It’s fun for me and I think I can bring a little of something different to YouTube.

It is important to me that I create content that you actually want to see – there are a few videos uploaded to get the channel moving but viewer participation is what excites me. If you have any suggestions then please let me know… perhaps you would like to see how I pair our spiders or remove and incubate our eggsacks? Maybe you want to see me chat with key people in the hobby? You can either drop me a mail to or go through the many “contact us” buttons on FB or our website.

Thanks in advance, Gar and Claire (The POPO team)