Breeding Report: Omothymus shioedtei


Omothymus schioedtei


Found a random white ball of crud in the Omothymus tank (see pic 1 and 2) and as I’ve seen her laying web for a sack – s**t it… I thought it was blown for this year.

Decided to very carefully remove the cork bark and have a cheeky peek. I was lucky that she’s made her home inside and not in the open space underneath.

I found her holding a nice big eggsack (chuffed) and promptly replaced the cork like a ninja.


Update 23rd July 2017

Found a black ball of sludge sitting in the water dish – opened up and found a rank glob of stinking matter. Not a happy bunny.

I have an immature male here so I will be trying at least one more time with this female.

She should moult within the next few months.