Breeding Report: Haplocosmia himalayana


I bought this adult female with the sole intention of breeding her – Haplocosmia are a genus I have never bred. I have always admired them from afar as I watched their prices drop from the first time they were seen in the hobby.

They are underrated and should be on every Asian spider enthusiast’ shelf.

The female moulted on the 11th January and I instantly started looking for a mature male – it transpired that they are pretty difficult to find in early 2017 and it took over four months to find one (I was starting to write it off until next season)

LogoLicious_20170425_122204 I managed to locate and buy one although I would have gladly borrowed one on a 50/50 breeding loan, there just weren’t any around. He was an expensive little bugger for a male but I was getting desperate to give them a go and possibly had a couple of pints when I arranged the sale….. I jest – completely worth every penny!

The female was housed in shoe box sized plastic box and fed whenever she would accept it on a large Dubia roaches – I changed her enclosure as soon as the male was arranged to arrive. I will normally never do this so close to pairing but I found some mould growing and feared that if she dropped her eggsac in a contaminated enclosure it would spoil. Obviously, the long term health of the female was on my mind but I’m sure a small amount of mould in one corner of her enclosure wouldn’t really bother her.


I introduced them to one another on Star Wars day – May 4th and the male did not mess around. He was straight in! They were together for about 60 mins and had multiple pairings – I was pretty impressed with how soft the females are, she had no intention of trying to eat him and readily accepted his approach for another turn.

After about an hour the male had decided he’d had enough and started to wander away so I removed him. He went off soon after to continue his sexual exploits at Tarantula Factory in the care of Mr Johnny Power.

I made no real changes to anything in our spider room, Temps in the day are a consistent 28.5 degrees dropping to around 20 degrees in the night. I offered a Dubia roach every week or so and generally left her to herself.

26th of June I returned from a trip to London to find she had completely sealed the entrance to her burrow..  Now, I’m not the most patient man and have ruined eggsacs by being too eager in the past, but had a feeling something good was happening inside. Even so, I left it.

My patience lasted 13 days ( I suck!) I just had to carefully peel a corner of the webbing on the burrow entrance and have a peek inside – I found legs clutching a small white ball. Chuffed!


This eggsac was found on the 8th July but I have a feeling it’s been there considerably longer. I’ll just have to pull it at 28 days (as usual) and hope it doesn’t hatch with mother before that – potentially it could be 13 days old or more.


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