Big difference between obese spiders and gravid spiders – an observation. 

There is a significant difference in the abdomen shape of gravid spiders than just plain old fat spiders. 

Dorsal aspect of the abdomen becomes raised as it’s swollen with eggs giving an overall bell shaped look to the back end. 

Very easy to see in Cyriopagopus species such as the Cyriopagopus minax pictured below – short, stubby and more ball shaped. 

This female has blocked off one entrance to her burrow and started webbing heavily – I expect her to drop an eggsac within the next few weeks. 


Haplocosmia himalayana first pairing 

Introduced the male Haplocosmia to the females enclosure today. Really hoping for a viable eggsac on this attempt. I love this species and would probably keep most of the spiderlings for myself 😉 

Truly underrated species and should be on all “old world” keepers shelves.

Pulling 2nd Heteroscodra maculata eggsac 

Absolutely prolific mother! Pulled the second eggsac from the one breeding on our Heteroscodra maculata. She done the double- first sac at 397 spiderlings and this one looks like a couple of hundred. I’ve kept 100 from the first eggsac to grow on already haha! I don’t think I’ll be breeding this species for at least a couple of years again.