Poecilotheria rufilata pairing preparation 

I received a mature male rufilata last week in preparation for the last set of tarantula pairings here before we relocate to a brand new Predator Or Prey Online HQ in May. The prospect of a much larger and more up to date spider room excites me but the thought of moving our small spider army is daunting. 

When breeding pokies, I like to use a breeding box and leave them to it for as long as I feel necessary or until the male is devoured (sadly sometimes the case). The glass enclosures from http://www.thespidershop.co.uk are perfect for adult females but I feel are a bit small to introduce and co-habit a male as well – they should have as much space for courtship and escape as possible. 

The female has been well fed and the male has constructed his sperm web – the lids will be removed tonight. I’ve already heard them tapping to one another at night. 

Fingers crossed for this to be the first Poecilotheria eggsac at our new gaff. 


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