Cyriopagopus lividus in incubation 

After organising a reverse 50/50 breeding loan with Lee @TheSpiderShop I rehoused two big female lividus at home here and within a few days one of the females dropped an eggsac (without access to my male) she was a wild caught spider, gravid already – it seems all that was needed to get her to drop was giving her the correct conditions to do so…. my spider room is set up with Asian species in mind. 

Even though the 50/50 was now off on account of never using my male, I offered to keep the female and eggsac here to save disturbing her in the car on the way to TSS. 

I pulled the eggsac a little early as I didn’t like the look of it through the plastic tub – I was correct.. the sac was yellow and was smelling bad (super nose on Gar) 

On opening I found mostly black eggs and the start of mold but there were a fair few EWL’s strewn throughout (there is a video on the facebook page). I took it on myself to seperate and clean all the EWL’s and then manually incubate. 

Last night the eggs with legs started moulting and became mobile. 


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