Behind the scenes… 

We have quite a small number of adult female spiders here at the moment, in comparison to the 400 or so that used to keep us busy. This has not stopped us attempting to breed what we have. 2016 season will be our stepping stone back to full strength – we are expecting only four eggsacks before the end of the year and this is obviously not a guaranteed result- happy to get what we get. 

Our females are now being fed up and kept in relative silence in our spider room, covered in Tshirts (yep, that’s right) I find keeping them covered increases the chances of a successful sack. Less disturbance equals less eaten eggsacks. 

I am expecting our Poecilotheria regalis to drop her eggsack within the next week or so… reason being, she has started excavations of a large chamber underneath the cork bark tube and completely sealed off her entrance. 

On a less serious note, I plan to either visit or order from our friends at next week as I’m hearing that there are a couple of Asian imports arriving very soon. Plan to get my ex-Haplopelma fix before Christmas. 


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