Welcome to Predator Or Prey Online.2016-12-22_14.17.10.jpg

The Predator Or Prey name is no longer a retail business supplying any adult spiders BUT every now and then there may be some excess spiderlings or mature males up for sale here.

I am mainly interested in Asian arboreal species, but I have had success with tarantulas from all over the world… if it’s weird, fast, nasty or just a little brown jobbie  – I’ll try breeding ’em…..I am interested to know about any mature male or immature pairs you may have available.

Anything we breed here will be available through our friends at http://www.thespidershop.co.uk  (check em out)

Sharing knowledge, experience, tips and tricks are my primary objectives – all while being safe – you will not find any handling pictures/videos here.

You can catch up and follow us on FB and Twitter;

@PredatorOrPrey for the twitters

predatororprey for the Instagram





5 thoughts on “Home

      • We’ll just be there for the day, bringing a friend with us. We’re hoping to find her a versi, and I have a pendant to pick up from Mister Carnage Cockroach himself! I don’t have a shopping list this year, but I know I’ll come home loaded down with new eight-legged friends anyway 🙂

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      • The only thing I know I’m doing for certain is renewing my BTS membership lol. I do love pokies though, and one of the victims of Chelmsford’s awful summer heat was my little subfusca sling. I might look for another and hope for a cooler summer this year! (Preferably a juvi though, as I find slings can’t really cope with sudden heatwaves or cold snaps, and juvis are more hardy).


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